FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS SMASH TV is a project which was founded in 2001 in berlin by holger zilske. a self considered studio nerd with a great ability to read a crowd. this combined with more than 200 releases, 600 gigs all

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS From starting out promoting club nights in the UK, Luke Standing has been devoted to underground electronic music.His first records under the names Furesshu and Esoteric experimented with swung and atmospheric techno, before he resettled in Germany and

FacebookSoundcloud GET TICKETS 3_a is the project of Minsk-based DJ and producer Anton Anishchanka, accidental society resident. ⠀ It’s a project about feeling. Feeling the music and the world that lies beneath it. Living in the moment, being present to oneself, experiencing without judging, enjoying