Anton 3_a (Accidental Society / BY)

3_a is the project of Minsk-based DJ and producer Anton Anishchanka, accidental society resident.

It’s a project about feeling. Feeling the music and the world that lies beneath it.
Living in the moment, being present to oneself, experiencing without judging, enjoying the here and now, flowing in a natural state of mind and soul.

As a producer 3_a makes electronic music with analog machines only, to create a sound that feels tangible, deep, elaborate. A sound that just feels real. With the same vision, 3_a as a DJ plays all his sets on vinyl.

Anton also leads various projects aimed to develop an independent underground scene in the post-Soviet space. Among his projects are the first in Belarus independent vinyl store and music bar – accidental point and Algoritm – podcast interviews with various artists, promoters, club founders.