Antony&TheDummy -


Antony&TheDummy is an electronic music project from Riga, Latvia, performing on the local underground music scene since 2019. Live performance is based on manipulations with synthesizers and their sounds, changes in the parameters of programmed musical instruments, mixing of vocal elements, and live improvisations on electronic keyboard / wind controllers. The performance genre is 4tothefloor’s combination of electrohouse, idm, experimental with elements of experimental pop and with a tendency towards melodiousness. The project is represented by two members – Latvian musician Antons Kekla and The Dummy, a mannequin. Taken from the bankrupt fashion shop not to be thrown away, The Dummy fills the conceptual part of the project as a symbol of excessive consumerism, depreciation, and subsequent uselessness. In addition, a project is charged by lyrics, calling for a break from the never-ending social race for modern standards of success.