Blue Hour (Blue Hour / UK)

From starting out promoting club nights in the UK, Luke Standing has been devoted to underground electronic music.
His first records under the names Furesshu and Esoteric experimented with swung and atmospheric techno, before he resettled in Germany and launched his resolutely independent project Blue Hour in late 2013. Since then, Standing has released pivotal records with a distinctive sound driven by the spirit and energy of the ’90s, and in turn been welcomed into some of the most respected venues across the globe. Fuelled by his obsession with the early days of dance music, when genres like trance, jungle and IDM overlapped, his DJ sets explore a narrative of timeless music, blurring the lines between geography and scene, space and time. Beyond the platform originally started for his own productions, Blue Hour has since begun extending his reach towards other artists and releasing music from Dold and Alpha Tracks as well as his collaborative project as Tracing Xircles. An acclaimed Remixed series has also seen artists like Steffi, Pangaea and Answer Code Request re-working his music. Theres no doubt that Blue Hour has become part of the techno world, but Standing stands clearly apart within it.