Cheh (Pild Records / LB)

Curious and driven by an unrivalled thirst to explore, Cheh was launched by Abdalla Chahine launched during his late teen years in Beirut, Lebanon. He grew up in the dynamism & roasting heat of Abu Dhabi & Dubai. He then moved to Lebanon where he focused entirely on music and self-development. Influenced by the livelihood, wide array of culture and propelling music scene, Cheh constantly upgraded, performed and never hesitated to evolve until he grew his project in Lebanon and the Emirates(UAE). Being the free soul he is, he then relocated North to the Baltic State of Lithuania where he further spread his music, enthusiasm and concepts to Lithuania and the surrounding region.

Throughout his musical journey, Cheh has been involved and influenced by classic minimal, 90s house, soulful/funky house, experimental, electronic, contemporary jazz, dub, breakbeat, electronic and whatever pleases his ears. When it comes to selection he takes on a wide variety of mature, soulful, deep, bassy, obscure and rhythmic music.