Robag Wruhme (Pampa, Kompakt / DE)

The artistic vita of Gabor Schablitzki, rather known to the raver as Robag Wruhme, is a story of gleaming moments of glory and brilliant achievements. Young Schablitzki in the 90’s gets exposed to Breakdance and HipHop. While socialism was up and running, Schablitzki tended to try out art and music studies. After the wall came down, priorities shifted. The first proper release was laid down by Beefcake, a project together with Volker Kahl. At that point the knack for electronic experiments unfolded. Soon after, Schablitzki felt the urge to also provide dancefloors with quality material. An undertaking, he pursued with the now legendary Wighnomy Brothers venture. He produced all of their stuff. Many of those tunes are collectively known as club classics.
Meanwhile, Schablitzki recalls the funny idea to spell names backwards – a very popular concept in primary school! So Gabor turns into Robag.
Then one day, DJ Koze rings up and whispers the tender salutation “Na, Dicker…” through the receiver. Begin of a long lasting friendship. The Koze-curated imprint Pampa Records opens its doors for Wruhme, so he stays and releases quite a few records. One of them being the 2011 issued opus magnum “Thora Vukk”. In June 2019 the saga continued with the album “Venq Tolep” on Pampa Records: “… his prettiest, silkiest, and most poignant minimal electronic music ever” (Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork).