Alinka (DE) -

Alinka (DE)

When Alinka was seven-and-a-half, her family migrated from Soviet Ukraine to the United States. She grew up in Chicago, discovering house music through local radio stations and eventually quitting university in favor of becoming a resident at the long-standing venue Smartbar and diving headfirst into producing music. 

When Alinka met vocalist Shaun J. Wright, they immediately hit it off and created Twirl, a party and a label housing their own music (if not released by the likes of Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's Classic Music Company), as well as iconic house voices such as Josh Caffe and Aerea Negrot. 

She moved to Berlin, becoming a regular DJ at Panorama Bar and touring in locations such as London, Paris and her native Kyiv. The past few years Alinka really hit her stride as a producer with successful releases on world renowned labels like Rekids, Crosstown Rebels, Need Want, Permanent Vacation, Harry Romero’s Bambossa Records, He.She.They, and her newly launched second imprint Fantasy Life. She also turned out a standout collection of remixes for labels Me Me Me, Live At Robert Johnson, Lone Romantic, Keinemusik, and Get Physical.