Artists 2023 - UNDER Festival

R U iN¿ · Grisha Nirgov - Post summer catharsis Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Grisha Nirgov is a member of R U iN¿ artists family. This is what the artist says about his craft: “Beauty is created not so much by the things

Voicedrone · Drone Mixes Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Voicedrone is a co-founder, curator and resident of FOLD. He is an often-unreadable enigma, lending much of his time to his studio, curating line-ups and sharpening his performances in the booth.At his core is a passion

Waterflower · Balta Gaisma Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Waterflower (real name Sabīne Moore) is a visionary artist from Latvia who is at the forefront of the eco-futurist movement in music. Using plants and mushrooms as both instruments and MIDI generators, they create a unique

Unexpected Sources Audio Gallery · Friday Express _ 010 _ LE/RA Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS LE/RA is already a well-known artist for the local public for her deep techno sounds. However, her geography of performances is much wider. LE/RA performed in Lithuania, Norway, Germany,

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 113: Waxid (LV) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Waxid was a music enthusiast and lover from his early days. At the end of the 90s, he was playing cassettes at friends' parties. Later he began collecting vinyl records and to

Veronika Keris · Love is a punk (c) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Veronika Keris is a Riga-based audio-visual artist and rising dark star of the Industrial and Electronic Body Music scene there. She is inspired by the industrial music movement and the darker side

Vakru · Tracks Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Vakru has been involved with dance music since a young age when he first tried his hand as a DJ. This was when he understood that with music he could express what words couldn’t say – sharing

Radical Softness · Hör shows Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Queer Techno DJ based in Berlin embracing the emotional self through music sharing and activist for the Radical empowerment of Softness. Radical Softness immediately evokes a sense of warmth and force at the same time, which

Queer On Acid · Productions Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Queer on Acid is Max Lomov's and Bogdan Taran's duo founded in 2019. Their sound is a mixture of house, acid, and techno suitable for warehouse raves as well as for more intimate yet energy-fueled