Vakru -


Vakru has been involved with dance music since a young age when he first tried his hand as a DJ. This was when he understood that with music he could express what words couldn’t say – sharing a part of his inner world through sound.

Vakru approaches any performance, be it a supporting act, solo show or back-to-back, with equal focus and total commitment. This approach lets him feel equally comfortable in minimal and micro-house music.

In his early DJing days, Vakru played at well-known rave events and festivals of his native Latgale region: Summer House, Nāc un tusē, Wash My Brain and others. After moving to Riga, he was serving the beats at the Essential, Club Kino, Klubs 88 (ex-Jameson afterparty), One One clubs and, most recently, the trendy Teritorija venue in the capital. He has shared the stage with Taran & Lomov, Andre Crash, Electricano, Deros, Ideology of Sound, Sam Divine and other famous DJs.

Vakru is always on the lookout for new vinyl additions to his sound collection, records podcasts and is trying his hand at music production.