Artists 2023 - UNDER Festival

R U iN¿ · R U iN¿ MOZ & Herren Ivo | Disco Darko 23 02 24 @ Laska Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS mOZ & Herren Ivo are a dynamic DJ duo who started their career in Riga’s electronic music scene by promoting various

Secuencias Temporales · Laima Adelaide - Forest Depth (Incl Vera Logdanidi & Atomic Moog Re Interpretations)(ST055) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Laima Adelaide is a composer and electronic music producer. Her music is inspired by nature and its elements like water and air. Also, avantgarde

KAN · KAN x LMA Karnevāls 2023 Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS KAN is a DJ of diverse organic-electronic music, with Komēta festival, Pachamama Beats audiovisual parties, and Symbionica saxophone-downtempo act as some of the projects he’s worked on. He takes a cross-genre and cross-cultural

Ikss · New Year's Eve 2022/2023 @ One One Riga Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS In his decade-long career, with some years spent on the Balearic islands in search of his sound, Ikss became the resident of Riga's electronic music mothership club One One where

Blind Allies · Igors Vorobjovs - Chronicles (BARECDGTL-018, Digital) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Igors Vorobjovs is an electro/techno DJ & Producer since 2001 from Ventspils (Latvia). In 2017 started his own vinyl record label Blind Allies, for many years before — an active figure

Driule & The Gang · DRIULE & THE GANG #309 w / Mike Discoid Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Latvian DJ trio that unites Mike Discoid, Hugo EL and Dmitry Dubrow. Their paths crossed over 10 years ago and they created Ideology of Sound. Their

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 120: Esoniq (LV) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Esoniq started to perform himself in 2006. That time he played funky, soulful and deep house or trance of deeper shades. As time passed by, this changed to mostly old-school deep and

Hypercolour · Holger Zilske - Someone (HYPE094) [clips] Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Holger Zilske aka Smash TV is by now a familiar figure in the electronic music landscape. Since his early beginnings as a producer, performer and sound designer, Zilske's achievements have steadily garnered

Crying Skies · Mixes / Podcasts Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Crying Skies is the electronic music project of Aivis Stepāns, a Latvian programmer, composer and DJ who is inspired by post-modernism in industry and urban matters, solid thoughts in new cultures and real futurism.

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 85: Cheh (LB/LT) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Cheh is Abdalla Chahine, a musician and event creative local in Lithuania, Lebanon and the UAE. He has spent most of his youth and early adulthood working closely with artists, venues, and festivals