mOZ & Herren Ivo -

mOZ & Herren Ivo

mOZ & Herren Ivo are a dynamic DJ duo who started their career in Riga’s electronic music scene by promoting various parties with an emphasis on house and techno music. Their passion for music and their ability to create an immersive experience for their audience has made them a staple within the local scene.

Since 2022, they have been collaborating actively with their friends and mentors — Amber Muse, a renowned electronic music collective that is recognized across the Baltic states. Together, they have been organising various events, including the popular event series Disco Darko. This event series showcases a unique blend of sounds that they classify as Dark Disco, which mOZ & Herren Ivo will be representing at the UNDER festival.

At this year’s highly-anticipated instalment of UNDER, mOZ and Herren Ivo will be captivating the audience by seamlessly fusing together the sounds of modern indie dance, the deep and emotive baselines of EBM, and the euphoric and uplifting synths of Italo Disco. The set of these two culprits promises to be an evocative and engaging sonic journey, exploring the boundaries of Dark Disco and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that will draw the audience in and keep them moving all night long. With their unique blend of genres and their unparalleled ability to read the crowd, mOZ and Herren Ivo are sure to deliver a performance that will be remembered once the festival is over.