Cheh (LT) -

Cheh (LT)

Cheh is Abdalla Chahine, a musician and event creative local in Lithuania, Lebanon and the UAE.

He has spent most of his youth and early adulthood working closely with artists, venues, and festivals and festivals and, as a result, putting together a variety of events with many forms of art expression.

Cheh’s musical performances are characterized by versatility, hypnotic rhythms and constant evolution, which have given him access to stages across nations playing alongside renowned artists like Carl Craig, Oshana, Anthea, Sebastian Mullaert, Laurine Frost, Traumer, Nastia and Birdsmakingmachine and many more.

Even though his disc-jockeying career is more vivid than his discography, Cheh has released music on a few remarkable labels digitally and some on vinyl under his alias with Salah Sadeq, Sache and Sache, and his other alias, Olaf Pilestein.