Artists 2023 - UNDER Festival

e91 · TRAXX Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS e91 is a DJ and a producer pushing energetic and distorted basslines in the shades of Riga. He has seen consistent releases on labels including Club Designs, Low Income Squad and most recently In2ition Music. His tracks

Radio Campus France · ELVI | CAMPUS CLUB x SHAPE PLATFORM Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Always managing to exist on the very fringes of the current state of the so-called dance music culture in Riga, Elvi Soulsystems has been performing for about two decades.

Markuva · Sound Of Markuva #25 - Mountak Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Mountak began his musical journey in 2008, which led him to establish the currently longest house music series running in Lithuania “Tarp Dvieju Ausru” with the participation of such artists as Cromby,

ALINKA · Releases Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS When Alinka was seven-and-a-half, her family migrated from Soviet Ukraine to the United States. She grew up in Chicago, discovering house music through local radio stations and eventually quitting university in favor of becoming a resident at

Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Slam (aka Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle) are a tour de force on the global techno circuit. Their unique, six-deck, back-to-back DJ performances have seen the duo play at leading clubs and festivals across the world. They are

Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Hard Ton is the Italian duo with a larger-than-life acid sound and a surprising love of metal. Fused together in 2008 from the musical loins of Wawashi Deejay and heavy metal singer Max, Hard Ton has released through a

Taran & Lomov · Productions Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Taran & Lomov have been one of Riga’s underground electronic scene powerhouses for the past two decades. They constantly promote music events under the helmet of their label Amber Muse, and produce music under different