Artists 2023 - UNDER Festival

Aizvakardiena · My mixes Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Aizvakardiena is a Riga-based DJ who's been performing since 2019. During this time, she has established her flow by blending and breaking genres in her sets. Her primary focus is on electro, breaks, techno and house.

Micronica Records · VA - Artefacts [MICR004] Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Adroit – producer, DJ, and promoter from Riga. His music was released at labels Micronica, Body Parts, Heisenberg, Vivus and Storytellers. He now is a resident of clubs One One and Teritorija. After starting

Future Sound Of Saikava · TECHNO EPISØDE #03 /Ze Ivarzz Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Ze Ivarzz has been involved in the electronic music scene in Riga and Latvia since the 90s. In 1999, he won the Super FM DJ competition. Besides DJing, he has

Jauda · JAUDA001 - LAIVA MAIKULE Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Laiva Maikule, a duo by sorsa and first kiss from Riga. Being electronic music lovers for quite a while, they started DJing during lockdown and quickly fell in love with it. They are also

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 91: Lévi (LV) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Lévi is one part of DJ duo Lévi & Strauss, based in Riga, Latvia, who shares her queer heart, organizes and is involved in queer events in Riga – Klik Klak by

D I N · Originals Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS D I N — DJ, producer, promoter, Micronica Records label owner and founder. His musical background comes from a younger age when he listened to a lot of hip-hop oriented styles and rhythms and only

SEXTASY by PODRUGA Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS PODRUGA is the ever-changing project of the Riga-based vocalist and producer Alise Stefanoviča. PODRUGA blends hard-hitting beats with dreamy yet powerful vocals, and expressive guitar sounds, creating a thrilling mix of genres. Playful nods to 90’s electronica,

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 101: Orthodox (LV) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Risen from the darkest dungeons of Liepaja, the techno priestess has come to conjure a purgatory of unearthly sound and bass. The fast rhythms, synthesized sounds, and meditative transitions preached by DJ

Merimell · All releases Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Merimell is what you could call the first lady of Techno in Estonia. She was first spotted when she won a local DJ competition which was followed up by bookings locally as well as abroad. Next

Ksenia Kamikaza · Ksenia Kamikaza - Queen In Limbo EP (2020) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Ksenia Kamikaza is a Riga born / Barcelona-based DJ & producer. The founder of UNDER Festival and Platz Für Tanz promo group, she flows from techno to ambient, dark