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HP-82 · EXTENDED At One One 23.07.2022. Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Inspired by underground radio shows at end of the 90s, HP-82 played his first gig at a school event using only audio tapes. After attending plenty of world-famous events as a “dancefloor stomper”,

D I N · Originals Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS D I N — DJ, producer, promoter, Micronica Records label owner and founder. His musical background comes from a younger age when he listened to a lot of hip-hop oriented styles and rhythms and only

Ksenia Kamikaza · Ksenia Kamikaza - Queen In Limbo EP (2020) Facebook Instagram GET TICKETS Ksenia Kamikaza is a Riga born / Barcelona-based DJ & producer. The founder of UNDER Festival and Platz Für Tanz promo group, she flows from techno to ambient, dark

ECOUL SND · Riga Dub Orchestra - Dub of Riga EP [ECOUL042] FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Nicolas Barnes, DJ & producer from Riga, is a trusted name in the local scene and rapidly making a name abroad with a wide range of quality releases

Ellis Be (LV) · Guest mixing Facebook GET TICKETS Ellis Be is Latvian DJ and electronic music producer. Ellis started his journey in 2014 and since then been experimenting with various electronic music genre including house, techno and chillout. His sets bring to the

Suprematic Sounds · Tony (LV) — Spotlights (Original Mix) [Suprematic] FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Tony is a frequent guest at various events throughout Latvia, shaping his unique taste and sense of music. The combination of drive and subtle, deep melodiousness makes him a unique

Waxid was a music enthusiast and lover from early days. In the end of the 90s he was playing from cassettes at friends' parties. Later he began collecting vinyl records and to play in public. He loves funny, energetic and

Vakru · Tracks FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Vakru has been involved in dance music since a young age. He approaches any performance, be it a supporting act, solo show or back-to-back, with equal focus and total commitment. This approach lets him feel equally comfortable in minimal

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 98: John Obscur (LV) FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS John Obscur, local minimal techno and techno enthusiast with more than 15 years experience. Depending on the event concept, John can deliver pure underground minimal techno sets or real techno vibes