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Future Sound Of Saikava · TECHNO EPISØDE #06 /MDNS FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS MDNS (Ivars Mednis) is no newcomer to the scene. Launched into music in mid 90s via NO REST to explore hypnotic beats of Detroit sound. Later floating into SIGNĀLS radio airwaves

Laima Adelaide · Mixes FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Laima Adelaide studies classical composition at University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart and produces and performs electronic music.

Kuzucuk · KUZUCUK - Zemējums Facebook GET TICKETS Angelika Kuzucuk has been engaged in self-therapy in the form of electronic music for several years. The genre-diverse musical experience has resulted in an eclectic sound, which Kuzucuk defines as electronic peach music or EPM.

UHU records · UHU-005 - Igors Vorobjovs - Potential Problems With Robots FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Igors Vorobjovs is an electro/techno DJ & Producer since 2001 hailing from Ventspils (Latvia). In 2017 started his own vinyl and digital record label Blind Allies. For many

Mike Discoid · Mike Discoid - COLOR 2011 Mix FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Latvian DJ trio that comprises Mike Discoid, Hugo EL and Dmitry Dubrow. Music has always been a big part of their lives. Their paths crossed over 10 years ago and they

ECOUL SND · Holensen & Ewy - Radiation EP [ECOUL024] FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Holenesn & Ewy are DJ and producers duo who started their project in 2019. Electronic dance music is an integral part of the duo's life. Each of them has their own

Facebook GET TICKETS DJ 2b started to get interested in electronic music and became more focused on it from 2000, during the club Metro era. He became close to vinyl at the club Pulse and keeps playing records 'till this very day.

Crying Skies · Mixes / Podcasts Facebook GET TICKETS Crying Skies is Aivis Stepāns's electronic music project. He's Latvian programmer, composer and dj who is inspired by postmodernism in industry and urban matters, solid thoughts in new cultures and real futurism.

GET TICKETS BLACK MØTH is a visual artist based in Riga, Latvia. Exploring the endless opportunities of the creative process, she found that music is a wonderful medium to convey ideas, emotions and to tell stories. Her taste is a combination

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 93: Aizvakardiena (LV) FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Aizvakardiena started performing as a DJ in 2019. During this time, she has established her flow by building upon discoveries in a variety of genres. Yet the primary focus has been on