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aurora. · Miseralist - Endless Fence FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Deep, melodic, rhythmic and groovy. Miseralist performs atmospheric and melodic electronic music, which is complemented by experimental rhythm sections. His live sets tend to be different, as much of the performed music is improvised.

mellamellene · Rabenau & Mellamellene - Maz Laika Facebook GET TICKETS Rabenau is a sound artist and composer, who started his electronic music journey in 2014 as a DJ. His music started getting attention in 2016 with with the project Podruga. Three years later he

e91 · SERVISS @ DIAGONĀLE - 19.03.2022 FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS E91 is an up-and-coming DJ and producer from Riga, Latvia. He started DJing in 2008, and is making a name for himself with his energetic, raw and distorted basslines. His music is influenced by 8-bit music, speed garage, and fidget house and it has been described as HIGH ENERGY CLUB MUSIC. He has released tracks on labels such

NDJ Cliche is one of founders and members of the legendary Bio.Codes collective which became popular at the turn of 21st century promoting various club events and raves with some of the biggest drum’n’bass names at that time. Performing under

KAN · KAN @ KKC Diagonale 4 Mar '22 FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS KAN is a DJ of diverse organic-electronic music, with Kometa festival, Pachamama Beats audiovisual parties, and Symbionica saxophone-downtempo act as some of the projects he’s worked on. He takes a cross-genre

heincha · heincha - Morning glory mix FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Heincha is an experienced Latvian DJ and music explorer who got involved in the local emerging rave scene back in the mid 90s. Currently he is based in Luxembourg where he regularly plays

Ģirts Reiniks · GIRTS REINIKS AT SMAILE (22.8.20) FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Ģirts Reiniks is a DJ, sound artist and graphic designer. Active in the territory of Riga techno and experimental music since 2012. Founder of the techno music event series RIOT. Currently, one

RTS.FM · Gesta RTS.FM Riga 11.01.2017 FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Notoriously definitions resistant, techno is the magic that continuously happens whenever Gesta is behind decks. His trademark sound has gone thousand and one miles since the early days but it had always remained inherently

Will Sonic · Party People Dream EP [DOBRO] FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Will Sonic - DJ and producer based in Latvia whose sound is heavily influenced by 90s house music, disco and UK garage. Currently represents Dobro Music but has also released on labels