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void cells · mixes FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS London-based producer Void Cells creates addictive music between electro, techno and EBM that invites the listener to discover themselves in a gothic world and explore the senses.

Veronika Keris · Dark and experimental FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Veronika Keris is Riga based audio visual artist, inspired by post punk, industrial music movement and rave culture. Her DJ sets are devoted to dark wave avantgarde music. New Beat, EBM, post punk, Industrial

Valts Incis · Tracks FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Valts Incis prefers minimalistic underground sound with playful low frequencies, subtle and sometimes minor, middle range and glitchy loops. Always after new records and fresh sounds. Promoter of Underground Station parties that has gained local recognition

ILLEGANCE · prepare everything Instagram GET TICKETS Henri Lakis + Leo Novus. In their performances they bring primal dance rituals to the dance floor. They deliver a mix between industrial electronic sounds and natural voices and rhythms around the world. The duo aims

SIRDSAPES · 300 LP Instagram GET TICKETS SIRDSAPES is a hardcore mixture of new-wave acid and techno sounds, alongside with drum-heavy breakbeat rhythms and distorted EBM basslines. "The purest frequency of rebellious punk and underground rave movement".

Dmitry Puffin · Deviant Art FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Dmitry Puffin is a Latvian musician, who has been producing music since the mid-2000s. He is not limiting himself by single genre, keeping experimenting with sounds and music forms through decades. Currently Dmitry focuses on

𝝤𝝠𝝟𝗦𝝡𝝞𝝩𝗛 · Oaksmith @ Afro // Techno & House - 08.08 FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Oaksmith is a DJ and music curator passionate about world music, ethnic rhythms and afro influenced sounds. Behind the decks, he brings a selection that blends modern rhythms, organic

NIKOLA NEGOROD · Nikola Negorod Live Com Bar 09.04.2022 FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Nikola Negorod is a music producer from Riga. He produces functional modular techno and performs only live. For sound design and music creation Nikola uses mostly modular synthesizers, different music instruments

FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS MULTILUX is a live electronic music act that combines primal rhythmic impulsivity with an ethereal, almost psychedelic radiance. Multilux is like a prism, splitting a single source of light into multiple rays, each beaming out a different hue to

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix 90: mOZ & Herren Ivo (LV) FacebookFacebookInstagram GET TICKETS mOZ & Herren Ivo's passion for music is what formed a strong bond between them. Since starting to DJ and promote events in around 2019, the duo has shared