mOZ & Herren Ivo -

mOZ & Herren Ivo

mOZ & Herren Ivo’s passion for music is what formed a strong bond between them. Since starting to DJ and promote events in around 2019, the duo has shared the stage along such legends and pioneers as Taran & Lomov, Ksenia Kamikaza, Ze Ivarzz, and also have quite a few gigs under their belt closing or warming up for foreign artists such as Mark Broom, Nastia, TWR72 and F-Rontal. At this point mOZ & Herren Ivo have performed in most of the current underground venues of Riga. The two guys are working alongside with their close friends and mentors Amber Muse, with whom they cooperate as representatives of the R U iN¿ family.

For the special occasion of UNDER 2022, they have prepared a special set that revolves around the freedom and energy that music brings to people. Expect to be intoxicated by a heavy influence 80’s synthwave, dark wave, italo disco, and techno. Simply put in their own words primarily – a KINKY EBM focused set that will hit you like like a future blast from the past. The room is bound to get hot.