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Micronica Records · VA - Artefacts [MICR004] FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Adroit started to DJ in 2005, since when he took part in various summer festivals and played in the largest Latvian clubs. In 2007-2008 he played warm up sets for the likes of Chris

Platz für Tanz · Guestmix #71: Esoniq (LV) FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Turntables and cassette decks became Esoniq’s friends in early childhood — he arranged his own “radioshows” in a studio build from chairs and blanket. When electronic and dance music became popular in Latvia,

Taran & Lomov · Productions FacebookInstagram GET TICKETS Taran & Lomov have been one of Riga’s underground electronic scene powerhouses for the past decade and a half. They constantly promote music events, produce music under different names including the most recent project Queer