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Ksenia Kamikaza

Ksenia Kamikaza is a DJ & producer, born in Riga / Latvia, but now based in Tbilisi / Georgia. She’s spinning records in places like Dommune in Tokyo to fabric in London, and losing herself in music and dust at Burning Man project. The style can vary from house to techno, and dj sets are always full of wild energy coming from the depth of her heart. Festivals & clubs like Kater Blau / Berlin, Khidi / Tbilisi, GAMMA / St.Petersburg, Zodiak / Brussels are on her list for a long time.

Over the years in post-soviet Latvia, the defiant youth have embraced techno as a revolution ideology. One of those was Ksenia. Domestically originating from a line of musician, she spent her life digging deeper into electronic & experimental music hence optimizing her assortment of ambient, deep house, nu jazz and IDM records. In 2003, that was an inspiration for her to join the Intelligent Beats radio show as a host on Silver Rain Radio (Russia). She’s also hosting RTS.FM live stream in Georgia and Latvia.