FacebookResident AdvisorMixcloud GET TICKETS Ikss has started to play at afterparties alongside to his DJ friends 10 years ago. It came to boat parties and night clubs in Riga later. Then he has moved to Spain, not giving up and becoming a

Instagram GET TICKETS Minska is an experimental documentary art and music project of Latvian actress Marija Linarte. It’s exploring emotional anatomy of human being. She will deliver live performance at the opening festival concert on May 21.

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS Turntables and cassette decks became Esoniq’s friends in early childhood — he arranged his own “radioshows” in a studio build from chairs and blanket. When electronic and dance music became popular in Latvia, he started to monitor radio charts

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloud GET TICKETS Combining both organizing rave parties and playing around Europe, SABINĒ brings you the pure energy of techno. Her choice is powerful tracks with low base and high tempo, full of rebellious spirit we are always looking for

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS Curious and driven by an unrivalled thirst to explore, Cheh was launched by Abdalla Chahine launched during his late teen years in Beirut, Lebanon. He grew up in the dynamism & roasting heat of Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS Galina Ozeran more known as Chikiss is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, DJ and synth diva. Born in Belarus, spending 15 years in St.-Petersburg and now based in Berlin since 2015. Having released her first album in 2003, Galina Ozeran

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS Sebo K is a unique and influential figure within Berlin’s densely populated music community; both crowd-pleasing and credible, he is a bona fide tastemaker who distinguishes himself by exploring the connective threads between classics from Chicago and Detroit,

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS The artistic vita of Gabor Schablitzki, rather known to the raver as Robag Wruhme, is a story of gleaming moments of glory and brilliant achievements. Young Schablitzki in the 90’s gets exposed to Breakdance and HipHop. While socialism

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloud GET TICKETS VZ has been into electronic music since very long time, but her love for techno developed while she was living in Northern Norway. The Latvian audience has seen her performing in Riga many times, but she also managed

FacebookResident AdvisorSoundcloudSpotify GET TICKETS Taran & Lomov for more than a decade has been deep into everything connected to music: they run Amber Muse Records, radio production, party organizing and record label company. During the 15 years of organizing events and making music